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WKids In the Kitchen

WKids in the KitchenAfter experiencing our in-school program, WKids Healthy Food for Life, parents and kids wanted MORE!

So we created WKids in the Kitchen, a four-part evening workshop series that teaches families how to prepare healthy and delicious meals on a budget. Every recipe is kid-tested and approved! Below is a little preview to whet your palate...

BreakfastSession 1: Turbo-Charged Breakfasts

Kids learn delicious and creative ways to pack nutrients into the most important meal of the day. We'll show you the best way to make breakfast nutritious—and delicious—with these kid-tested recipes!

LunchSession 2: Power-Packed Lunches

We will show you how to pack healthy and budget-friendly lunches that your child will love—no more half-eaten lunches coming home after this session!

DinnerSession 3: Power Plates

If you are tired of creating healthy meals only to have you or your child leave the table in tears, this session will change your life! We will power up some of your family's favorite meals—kids will not only love eating these meals, they will love helping you make them. We will power up kid favorites like tacos, pizza, pasta, and even ice cream!

SnackSession 4: Snack Attack

We will show you great Food Detective tips for choosing the most delicious and healthy snacks. Kids love creating their own healthy snacks in this session, and you will love knowing you are helping your kids build a healthy body for life.