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WKids Clubhouse

ClubhouseWelcome to the WKids Clubhouse!

This is a special space for WKids to support each other in becoming members of the Generation of Change! WKids know that making healthy choices now will help them to be healthy later in life. WKids also know that picking healthy foods and exercising regularly allows them to feel their best and do all the things they enjoy. Here at the Clubhouse, we'll:

  • Learn to make healthy and delicious food

  • Discover fun facts that we can teach our parents!

  • Explore superfoods for super kids

  • Hear about the best books and special events

  • Have fun discovering new foods and activities

As a WKid you'll also have the opportunity to be featured as a WKid of the Month Clubhouse member! Get started exploring our Clubhouse today by checking out the special areas:

  • WKids Cooking Corner

  • Kids' Only Book Club

  • Answers to Kids' Commonly Asked Questions

  • Superfoods for Super Kids

  • WKids Food, Facts, & Fun Sheets

Tell your friends about the club and invite them to join! We hope you'll visit us regularly—we are always adding to the clubhouse, and it's always open!