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Family Wellness Zone

FamiliesOur Wellness Family welcomes you to ours!

We are united in the goal of empowering children to become part of the Generation of Change. Together, we will rewrite the current statistics and help our children to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible. The Family Wellness Zone was designed with this goal in mind—here you will find information, tips, resources, and more to support you in your wellness journey. Topics include:

  • Simple, healthy recipes that you can make with your child—they're kid-tested and approved!

  • Ideas for fun family fitness activities

  • Information about nutrition, exercise, sleep, and more

  • Help for parents of picky eaters

  • Simple and healthy snack ideas

  • Tips for turning your home and community into a wellness zone

  • Upcoming events, including family cooking classes and special workshops

We love to hear from parents and members of our zone—please let us know if you have questions or topic suggestions. Together, we will support our children in leading the wellness revolution and becoming the Generation of Change!