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Monthly Events & Activities Calendar

WKids Monthly Activity Calendar

Parents, are you ready to feel better than ever? Sign up for Wellness Foundation's next Wellness Challenge, beginning on September 12th. Visit wfeh.org to learn more or to register.

Oct 10

Today is National Depression Screening and World Mental Health Day—learn more about how to show your support as well as how to access supportive resources.

Oct 14

check out the sea turtles and show kids how they can positively impact the planet with this great event, Connect Kids to Parks: Sea Turtle Walk.

Oct 26

Today is National Make a Difference Day, an annual event in which millions of people unite in the common mission to improve the lives of those around them. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for little ones to make a BIG difference!

Oct 31

Happy Halloween! Make it fun and healthy this year with delicious recipes from Forks Over Knives!