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About WKids

About WKidsWe've started a Wellness Revolution led by kids!

The concept is simple, but the understanding is life-changing. WKids Healthy Food for Life teaches children the most important lesson they may ever learn: they have the power to change their health destinies through the choices they make today.

Why has the WKids program been so successful? Because we make it FUN!

And when kids have fun learning, they bring it home. It's amazing what our program has accomplished—we're empowering kids, and they're leading the way to wellness in their families.

It's working! We're empowering a
Generation of Change!

46% of families report an increase in reading food labels before making a purchase.

57% of families report a decrease in the consumption of processed junk foods.

70% of families report consuming less soda.

78% of families report eating more whole foods and leafy green vegetables.

Why is the WKids program so important NOW?

  • It has been predicted that the current generation of children will be the first in history to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

  • One in three people in America ages 2-19 are overweight or obese.

  • Overweight and obese kids are at a greater risk of developing serious health problems like type 2 diabetes, asthma, bone and joint problems, depression, and more.

While these numbers are startling, we have the power to prove them wrong and help our children to live the healthiest lives possible. Through WKids' interactive lessons and activities, children learn about exercise, healthy eating habits, and more. There's food prep and tasting, and parents are welcome to join in. When the course is over, we continue with an evening program that invites families to learn how to make healthy, affordable meals together. We hope you'll join us in expanding the Wellness Revolution!

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