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Monthly Challenge

3 Minutes to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple yet highly effective way to manage stress and increase productivity. Start the New Year off right with this month's challenge of practicing being mindful for just three minutes a day. Find a regular time in the day that could work for you and your child and try to commit to keeping that "appointment" with each other on a daily basis. Here are two simple ideas for getting started:

  • Use a visual aid such as a glitter jar, snow globe, or hour glass. Flip it upside down and encourage your child to keep watching until every last bit settles, while focusing on their breath. To help guide them at the beginning, feel free to count the breaths (e.g., "breathing in 1, breathing out 1", "breathing in 2, breathing out 2" and continue to 10 and then repeat).
  • Practice mindful eating with your child by pausing to give thanks for the food before you eat and considering where it came from. Then, encourage your child to chew very slowly, really noticing the different textures and flavors.