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Monthly Events & Activities Calendar

WKids Monthly Activity Calendar

Feb 04

Did you know there’s actually a National homemade soup day? There is, and it's today! Spend some time this weekend cooking up a healthy and delicious soup that you can also freeze and enjoy later.

Feb 05

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Visit ada.org to learn more about protecting your child's dental health.

Feb 14

Today is Safer Internet Day. Learn how to protect yourself and your family online. Visit nationaldaycalendar.com for information, tips, and resources.

Feb 17

Do an unexpected good deed for someone today in honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day. You'll feel great and so will they!

Feb 28

Getting adequate sleep is vital to good health. In recognition of how important it is, today is National Public Sleeping Day! Take a nap, sleep in a few extra minutes…add on some extra zzz's however you can!